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Shawl sweater in a ribbed material made in USA Button down cardigan in mixed materials with oversized shawl neckline made in USA Berry color tunic with rose detail in stretch material Tuxedo collar dress with chiffon kimono overlay.
Shawl Sweater
List Price: $135.00
Button Down Cardigan
List Price: $175.00
Berry Color Tunic
List Price: $109.00
Tuxedo Collar Dress
List Price: $168.00
Plaid shirt with stand-up color and asymmetrical hem line, stretch material. Made in USA. This style runs a little small, XXL=18 Gold ribbon evening dress with one sleeve black chiffon and the other long sleeve has gold lace just like the side insert.   Made in Turkey. Checkers shirt in light stretch mix material. with button detail at the pocket Made in USA Cozy Knit Tunic
Plaid Shirt
List Price: $155.00
Gold Ribbon Evening Dress
List Price: $220.00
Checkers Shirt
List Price: $145.00
Cozy Knit Tunic
List Price: $110.00