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Short poncho sweater with 1 broach-button at the top it is in Orange color with silver thread  80% Lamb wool  20% poly One size will fit 16w-22w Black/gold evening dress with chiffon long sleeves. Polyester. Made in Turkey. White crochet chiffon evening top with up to elbow sleeves and a tank top underneath Black/white stretch top with stand-up color. Button front and zipper back and zipper detail at the sleeves Made in USA
Short Poncho
List Price: $135.00
Black/Gold Evening Dress
List Price: $220.00
White Crochet Chiffon Top
List Price: $145.00
Black/White Stretch Top
List Price: $165.00
Navy blue dress with chiffon sleeves and jewels detail on the side. Chiffon tunic top in navy blue and bright blue combo Plaid print wool sweater with oversized buttons. One size = 18w-22w   80% wool 20% Poly Warm poncho with fur detail at the neck and sleeves. 30% wool 70% Acrylic. Designed in Italy. One size will fit 14W-26W.
Navy Blue Evening Dress
List Price: $255.00
Chiffon Tunic Top
List Price: $155.00
Plaid Print Wool Sweater
List Price: $136.00
Warm Poncho With Fur Detail
List Price: $279.00