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Bow-back top with chiffon insert in the back and striped stretch front. Copper Collor Cowl-Neck Evening Top Fur Detail Sweater Lurex Tunic with Chiffon overlay
Bow-Back Top
List Price: $89.00
Copper Collor Cowl-Neck Evening Top
List Price: $135.00
Sale Price: $94.50
Fur Detail Sweater
List Price: $144.00
Lurex Tunic
List Price: $125.00
Argyle/Black Tunic-Sweater Chiffon Stripe Top Warm Cowl-Neck Tunic A-shaped tunic in stiff-shape holding material with detachable broach. Navy blue and white cheetah print
Argyle/Black Tunic-Sweater
List Price: $165.00
Chiffon Stripe Top
List Price: $155.00
Warm Cowl-Neck Tunic
List Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $99.00