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Chiffon tunic top in navy blue and bright blue combo Chiffon overlay top with multi-color threads overlay at the front Light material sweater in baggy design. Perfect for milder wether.
Chiffon Tunic Top
List Price: $155.00
Chiffon Overlay Top
List Price: $125.00
Chiffon Evening Top
List Price: $139.00
Sale Price: $96.00
Light Sweater
List Price: $115.00
Ankle length ants with black rhinestones detail. Pull on style in thick stretch material. Does NOT show leg imperfection. best selling style in the store Long black dress with plaid print tie Long winter coat with faux fur lining, zipper inside and buttons outside and a hood.
Green/Black Tunic Top
List Price: $155.00
Plaid Tie Dress
List Price: $156.00
Long Winter Coat
List Price: $350.00